Today’s Jr. High and High School Student will be faced with a variety of temptations and trials in an attempt to derail them from their spiritual journey. To help them live the best life possible, the life God intended, we want to challenge them to connect through Christ-centered relationships, grow in the way of Christ, and give as Christ gave. This program will teach them Biblical verse, give them a spiritual foundation, and equip them with spiritual truths that apply to the 21st century student. Your teen will be interested in the Bible-based lesson as they are relevant to today’s students.

The Blaze Student Minitries of Willow Park Baptist Church offers several different programs to help equip students to live lives faithful to God.

Sunday School
Sunday School is one of the key components to a student's spiritual development.  This relaxed environment is aimed to help teenagers experience the Truths of God's Word in a small group setting.  Students will have time  to connect with their peers, grab a donut and study the Bible.  Students will leave Sunday School, not only with knowledge of the Bible, but with the ability and desire to learn the Word of God on their own time.  Students will meet Sunday mornings @ 10:00a with Student Pastor, Chris Hopper.

Wednesday Night Worship
The students meet together for a high energy. high impact, worship service each Wednesday during the school year at 6:45 p.m.  Worship is led by a live Band and Students are taught the Word of God by Chris.  This service is loud, energetic, and packed full of solid Bible teaching.  Your teenagers won't want to miss this weekly service aimed at today's youth culture.

Monthly Activities
Each month the Youth have different activities planned where students can get together and build meaningful relationships with other student believers.  Check back here often to see what is coming up on the calendar.

Summer Camp
Every year, The Blaze of WPBC take a week away to recharge, refocus and center their lives on God.  Camp is one of the anchor events of The Blaze, and is an vital to a Student's spiritual walk.  God uses camp in a mighty way year after year.  Many accept Christ as Savior and surrender to full-time ministry.  Not only will student's relationship with God be strengthened, but they will have the opportunity to forge relationships with other students, often developing life-long friendships.  Don't let your student miss out on this life-changing week.

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